Friday, February 23, 2007

Yes, Virginia, we have X60 with SXGA+ screens

While I was away on vacation there was an uproar on the GottaBeMobile forum about Lenovo saying they were not shipping any more SXGA+ or MultiTouch/MultiView screens because of problems obtaining the 1.83Ghz, Core Duo processors. I was able to find some at distributors and bought them so we now have eleven of Lenovo's Top Seller model 6366AJU. This unit has an SXGA+ screen, 2Gb RAM, 120Gb 5400rpm hard drive, Bluetooth and comes with an Ultrabase and DVD/CDRW combo. It is a pretty sweet deal at $2,499. When these run out, there aren't any to be had until Lenovo makes some more.

After getting many customer requests for the X60 with a 7200rpm hard drive (all but one have to be custom built by Lenovo), we are rolling out a program to do this upgrade for you. Here is how it works:

ALLTP will upgrade your hard drive to the Hitachi 100Gb, 7200rpm hard drive, load the operating system and put your 120Gb hard drive in a hard drive bay adapter that slips right inside your Ultrabase. Now you have the fastest hard drive and a backup. If you ever need to get warranty repair for your unit (and we hope you don’t) you still have the original hard drive and don’t have to send back the one with all your data.

It's listed as a $279 option under the 6366AJU. We will likely roll this out to other units but this is the first.

Click here to purchase a 6366AJU

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Download our Vista Upgrade whitepaper

With so many questions about Vista and what it means to Tablet PC users, I decided to gather the best information, have it reviewed by our tech staff and some tablet gurus (many thanks to Rob Bushway of and Frank Garcia of, among others).

The result is a relatively brief and readable document that explains the highlights of Vista as they pertain to tablet users as well as some of the requirements and potential pitfalls of upgrading. The content is not meant to be the alpha and omega of Vista, rather a jump start for those considering an upgrade.

Here is the link to download the whitepaper:

Comments and suggestions on improving it are very much appreciated.