Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fujitsu Inventory Clearance Sale!

July 28-29 Fujitsu is offering $500 off on select systems including the LIFEBOOK T5010 Tablet PC and the LIFEBOOK T2020 Tablet PC.

LIFEBOOK T5010 Tablet PC

The comfort and ease of a traditional notbook combined with the versatility of a tablet, the LIFEBOOK T5010 Tablet PC features a brilliant 13.3-inch widescreen display, built in modular bay, and integrated wireless access.

Purchase any of the three T5010 Tablet PCs and recieve:
FREE Convertible Bump Case ($99 value)
FREE Shipping
$500 of select T5010 Tablet PCs ( use coupon code FASALE500 at cheout to redeem discount)

LIFEBOOK T2020 Tablet PC

Wighing a mere 3.5 pounds yet boasting a 12.1-inch display, the ultra-thin, ultra-light Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T2020 Tablet PC is an ideal notebook and tablet PC for those on the go. It quickly converts from notebook to tablet by simply twisting the display, and delivers all-day computing with its high-capacity battery.

Purchase the T2020 Tablet PC and receive the following special offers:
FREE External USB DVD/CD-RW combo drive ($149 value)
FREE Shipping
$500 off, use coupon code FASALE500 at checkout to redeem discount

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Motion Offereing Enhanced Tablet Functionality with ritePen 4.0

Motion Computing®, a leading provider of integrated mobile computing solutions, announced today that it will resell ritePen® 4.0, the latest tablet input solution from Ritescript®, a division of Evernote® Corporation. The new version of our full-screen handwriting recognition, markup and desktop control software blends pen and multi-touch functionality: it allows finger writing on multi-touch screens and employs multi-touch gestures to control ritePen UI and ink editing on Windows 7.

A three-min. walkthrough video can be seen

This release also enhances ink commands, markup, integration with Evernote, adds new customizable toolbar system and support for any languages in the Windows Recognition Pack.

The ritePen 4.0 can also be found on or ask about it on!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Motion Offers Discounts for Attending Webinar!

Motion Computing has recently announced they will be giving a discount on two of their products for attending their upcoming webinars! The first of which is about hybrid mobile computing for improved clinical workflow. This webinar will be focused on the Motion Clinical Workstation. The second webinar will look at taking PDF punchlists mobile with Tablet PC's. This webinar will be focused on using the PDF editor BlueBeam PDF Revu. By attending the first webinar you will be eligable to receive $1000 off the purchase of your first Motion Clinical Workstation. The second webinar will allow you to be eligable to receive $500 off the purchase of Motion's new J3500 tablet.

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Hybrid Mobile Computing for Improved Clinical Workflow

In this Motion-hosted webinar attendees will learn how to enable clinicians to benefit from a highly optimized workflow in support of the way they work. Combining the Motion C5 MCA with the Motion Clinical Workstation (MCW) offers a flexible solution for improving clinical productivity, optimizing EMR utilization and enhancing clinician satisfaction by personalizing solutions for individual workflows.

Date and Time: Thursday, July 29 at 11:00am CST

Take PDF Punchlists Mobile with Tablet PC's

Join this webinar for a case study presentation that will help you transform the way you manage closeout. Hear from an architect who completed the punch process for the $500-million, 582-room Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Learn how she simultaneously created PDF punchlists and redlined drawings of punch items on the fly using PDF editor Bluebeam PDF Revu on a Motion Tablet PC. Once you see her demonstration of the process, you will not only understand how the team achieved an incredible 90% completion rate upon first back check, you also will gain real-world tips for replicating this workflow. Also, learn more about Bluebeam PDF Revu and Motion Tablet PCs for taking technology to the jobsite for significantly improved jobsite performance.

Date and Time: Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 1:00pm CST

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sumner County EMS works with tablets from Tablet PC Experts to improve billing

Sumner County EMS takes its role as the sole provider of emergency services for Sumner County’s 150,000 residents very seriously. With the need to improve both billing and patient data collection processes, Sumner County upgraded its software and in doing so needed a new hardware solution to fully realize their ambitions.

To see Sumner County EMS's full story go to the
ALLTP website, or check it out on the home page of under the title Tenn. Agency Improves Annual Billing by $2 Million!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Magnetic Stripe Reader for Motion F5v and C5v

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The nice folks at Man & Machine are sending me a demo unit of their Magnetic Stripe Reader for the Motion C5, F5, C5v or F5v Tablet PCs. I'm aware that these are in use at Verizon stores nationwide. Verizon purchased 5,000 Motion tablets with the MSR attachment for providing Point of Sale service to customers that walk into stores. This is a nice service because if you just need an accessory or some information, you don't want to have to wait in line for a half hour at the cash register. The sales associate can just write your info on the tablet, swipe your credit card, email a receipt and you can be on your way. Much simpler!

These MSRs can also be used in other retail settings but also would be perfect for taking orders at tradeshows. Also, they would be great for plumbers, electricians, etc. who want to collect money right at the customer's house instead of billing them later. There is nothing more satisfying than getting paid right away for your hard work!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

One Day - Three Ways to use a Tablet PC

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I spent a day in NYC last week at three different companies looking at Tablet PCs. Riding the train on the way home, I thought a lot about how so many different industries can take advantage of pen computing. It ended up being a Motion F5v kind of day with all three customers choosing this tablet.

Prospect #1 - Dermatology practice

A dermatology practice on the Upper East Side is moving to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) which is specifically designed for a tablet PC. They need a unit that is small, lightweight and will look good in their office - after all they are offering aesthetic procedures. The Motion F5v has everything they want, 10" display makes the unit large enough to see their application but keeps the weight down to a comfortable 3.3 pounds. More importantly, the doctor and staff loved the slick, black color. Since they are in the business of beauty, a sterile, white medical tablet holds no appeal. With the hot swappable battery, the doctor can work all day without having to wait for the tablet to recharge. Last, it is disinfectable which is becoming increasingly important for stopping cross infection in hospitals and medical offices.

Prospect #2 - Hospital Life Safety Inspection

TSIG Consulting is dedicated to providing expert consultation to hospitals by using Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) so their customers can meet Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) requirements. Initially TSIG was going to test the Motion J3400 or J3500 but when they saw the F5v they were smitten. The light weight, rugged design, tough Gorilla Glass and built in handle caused an immediate attraction, but the optional built in barcode reader and camera sealed the deal. Being able to scan barcodes on hospital owned equipment is a major improvement over the handheld PDAs with attached barcode readers they are using now. With the increased screen size, field engineers can look at AutoCAD drawings and mark them up. Now, they write on paper and have to enter information when they get back to the hotel. With the tablets, they can complete their work right at the customer site for increased accuracy and timeliness.

Prospect #3 - Sirina Fire Protection

This longtime customer has been using Getac rugged convertible tablets for several years. To allow their technicians to program the alarm panels at customers' sites, they needed a 9-pin serial port built into the tablet. Now, new alarm panels are coming with the more commonly available USB connection. Since the Motion F5v has a USB 2.0 port built into the unit, Sirina technicians can use a lighter weight but still ruggedized tablet PC for making customer visits. The F5v is almost $2,000 less than the Getac V100 and has better features. Sirina is starting to store past maintenance information in the panel on an RFID tag and the F5v with optional RFID reader can pull up that information. Other Tablet PCs need a card plugged into a slot on the computer to do that.

Three customers, three industries

Even though all three of these clients are in different industries, the common thread is a need for a tough, lightweight device with built in features that lets them do their work better and faster. I'll update you on even more clients using this kind of Tablet PC in the future.