Monday, August 16, 2010

Whole Child Pediatrics begins using Motion C5 Tablet PCs!

At Whole Child Pediatrics P.S.C. each clinician needed the ability to seamlessly connect with the EMR system throughout the office and utilize its full functionality while continuing to provide quality patient care in an efficient manner.

Whole Child Pediatrics first attempted to use desktop PC's but quickly discovered this was not the seamless connectivity they were looking for. After a search through several solutions, the rugged, hospital grade tablet PC was just what the doctor ordered.

The Motion Computing C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant offered an easy to navigate solution which was quickly given to each clinician on the staff.

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Monday, August 09, 2010

The PANTS Show

Last week I visited a partner of ours, Advanced Grower Solutions, at the PANTS Show. No, it's not a tradeshow for what it sounds like. Instead, the PANTS show is the Penn Atlantic Nursery Trade Show. It was a really nice venue because everyone was exhibiting perennials, annuals, trees, bushes and knick-knacks for your garden and landscape.

For Tablet PC Users, Advanced Grower Solutions (AGS) owner Rick Goff, was showing off his back office nursery software that includes a powerful module for inventory management. If you are a nursery owner, being able to provide up-to-date inventory to your customers is key to selling flowers and trees for the best price at the peak of value. With paper and pen this process used to take 2-3 days. With a Motion F5v Tablet PC, inventory takers can walk through greenhouses and outdoors in the rain, pointing and clicking and writing comments, and complete the job in one day.

A PDA is too small and a laptop can't be used like a pad of paper. Once again, the tablet PC is the best tool for people who really need to do their job while walking around.

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Friday, August 06, 2010

Motion F5v Tablet PC: Turn auto rotate on and off

I have to face facts: I'll never know everything about Tablet PCs. Things change to fast and there is too much information about each one. Luckily, I have customers who ask great questions or tell me things I need to know. Here is one such item.

If you have a Motion F5v or C5v Tablet PC, you can choose an option to allow the display to rotate depending on which way you turn the device.

In the Taskbar (those icons in the lower, right hand corner of your display), you will see a letter M with a black swoosh on the top and a blue one on the bottom. If you don't see it, click the upward arrow on the taskbar. When you tap on this you'll see a menu. Choose Options and then click Automatic Display Rotation if it isn't already checked. Now you can turn your Motion F5v 90 degrees and the screen will automatically turn.


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