Monday, December 07, 2009

Want to demo or rent a Tablet PC?

For almost five years, Allegiance has been the only company that allows customers to try a Tablet PC before they make a purchase. With choices of a 48 hour demo (you pay only shipping) or a two week or month long rental, your organization can make sure that a particular Tablet PC is the right fit before you buy.

The models that we currently offer are the:

Sahara i440D Pen/Touch Slate Tablet PC
Motion Computing F5 Rugged Field Tablet PC
Motion Computing C5 Medical Tablet PC
Motion J3400 Rugged Field Tablet PC
Lenovo X200 Convertible Tablet PC
Fujitsu ST6012 Slate Tablet PC

Along with the tablet, you can demo/rent a docking station, mobile dock and convertible keyboard if it is available for the model you choose.

Since we let you load all your own software on the tablet, you can test the units in your own environment just as you would use them for your daily work.

If you want to learn more about the program, visit out 48 hour demo/rental web page.

Or you can call us at 215-441-5580 x1.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Allegiance' customer Doster Construction featured in Mobile Enterprise Magazine

Our customer, Doster Construction, evaluated a number of handheld and tablet PC options before settling on the Motion Computing F5 Field Tablet PC. They have since implemented 25 of them for their field supers and project managers.

Here is an excerpt from a nice article in Mobile Enteprise Magazine:

Regarded as a national leader in wood-frame construction, Birmingham, AL-based Doster Multifamily celebrated 40 years in the business this year by maximizing workflow on the job site, improving on its already rigorous quality control process and saving time and money on every project.

How did they do it? By implementing rugged tablets and automating field-based processes to connect to backend systems. But, of course, it wasn't just a simple case of design and build.

Doster knew a mobile solution could help it:

  • improve communications with subcontractors;

  • reduce wasted paper and time spent inputting handwritten field notes;

  • improve accuracy of inspection records; and

  • track work flow.

The company had deployed PDAs in its Multifamily Division the previous year in an attempt to meet some of these goals. "We went the PDA route initially because it seemed simpler," explains Doster Network Support Specialist CJ Rainer, "We weren't sure if the guys in the field were going to take to using the PDAs, how well they'd grasp the technology, and how excited they'd be about it. We were pleased at how quick they did grasp it and even outgrow it. We were only up a few months before we started to realize we could do more with technology out in the field than what we were able to do with the PDAs."

The PDAs lacked processing power, the screen size was too small to easily collect data in the field, and there had been a few instances of major data loss due to the clumsy and time-consuming process of syncing the handhelds to backend systems. Due to these issues, many workers were still using pen-and-paper to track quality control inspections.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Is GOBI good for Tablet PC users?

Gobi is built-in wireless broadband that, along with a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, allows you to connect to the internet on a carrier's cellular network.

The advantage of Gobi for tablet PC owners is that it is built-in so there is nothing to connect and no extra device to lose. Also, you can use a SIM card from any carrier so if you travel a lot you can have a connection to the best network.

The disadvantage is that since the hardware is built-in there is no way to upgrade it when faster technology becomes available. Also, you can't share with another computer like you could with a USB Broadband device. Last, to take advantage of multiple carrier networks, you need multiple SIM cards and a cellular data plan with each carrier - very expensive except for the most intense road warriors.

Here is a link to the Gobi website:

Here is a link to current tablet products that include Gobi technology:

On the list is the Motion J3400, Lenovo X200 and several HP and Panasonic units.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Allegiance now offering Lenovo X200 screen protector

We have commissioned a new WriteShield screen protector for the Lenovo X200 tablets and it is finally ready for sale.

These screen protectors are high quality with anti-glare and anti-fingerprint properties. These are not your crazy uncle's cheap-plastic-shiny screen protectors!

Click here to learn more and purchase

We also carry custom screen protectors for these tablet models: Fujitsu ST5112, HP TC4200, HP TC4400, Lenovo X41, Lenovo X60, Lenovo X61, Motion C5, Motion F5, Motion LE1600, Motion LE1700, Motion LS800, Motion M1400, Sahara i440D, TabletKiosk eo7110

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lenovo TopSeller tablets still the best deal

Last year I wrote an article about saving money by purchasing Lenovo TopSeller X200 Tablet PCs versus purchasing directly from Lenovo online. Recently, I revisited their website to see if the pricing gap had narrowed. It hasn't.

Keep in mind that from time to time Lenovo has sales and offers coupons that reduce the price of their build to order units. The TopSeller bundles are still a little less expensive and, since you don't have to wait for them to be custom built, ship more quickly. Since the TopSeller bundles can't be customized, if you need a specific configuration the Lenovo store is your only option.

First, it's important to see what is included in the various TopSeller bundles. Here is a screen clipping from their website showing the part numbers and features:

Here are some comparisons:

7449-88U - This has the LED backlit display, 160Gb 7200rpm HD, Ultrabase w/DVD-RW, Vista Business, 8-cell battery and 3 year warranty. The price on our store is $1,949. Configure the same unit with the same features on Lenovo's website and the price is $2,339.15.


7449-EKU - This has the Multiview/Multitouch display, 160Gb 7200rpm HD, Ultrabase w/DVD-RW, Vista Business 64, 8-cell battery and 3 year warranty. The price on our store is $2,199. If you configure this on Lenovo's site the total is $2,729.15.


To look up all the different configurations and specifications of Lenovo TopSeller units, go to the Lenovo website and scroll down to ThinkPad X200 (7449) - TopSeller.

To check prices on Lenovo X200 Tablet PC configurations, visit our Lenovo store.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Product Feature: ReadyDock for Motion C5 and F5

The ReadyDock-C5M is optimized to house your Motion C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant tablet PC. It is the best way to organize, store and charge your tablets while making the most efficient use of space. ReadyDock can eliminate the clutter of wires and has no messy power set up. ReadyDock also locks securely to protect your valuable electronic devices.

The ReadyDock has custom power contacts that are compatible with your Motion C5 Tablet PC. Just slide your tablet firmly into an available slot until you hear a “click.” Lock the cabinet and walk away confidently knowing your electronic device is secure. You’ll know when the tablet has finished charging when the light has changed from yellow or orange to green. Unlock the door and press the easy-to-release lever. Your tablet is fully charged and ready for your next assignment.

Choose from a variety of configurations depending on your needs. The ReadyDock storage cabinet can be configured to house 5, 10 or 20 Motion C5 Tablet PCs. A single unit model holds five tablets and is 12 5/8” W x 11.5” H x 13.25” D. Stack one unit on top of the other, place them side by side, or stack four in a cube. The ReadyDock storage cabinet can even be wall-mounted for out-of-the-way storage, or to save you much-needed countertop or desk space.

ReadyDock storage cabinets are lightweight at just 15.6 pounds (without tablets inside). They are aesthetically pleasing in white powder coated metal and are designed especially for medical environments because they are easy to wipe clean and disinfect.

Today, many physicians, physician assistants, nurses and busy health professionals use Tablet PCs or Motion C5 Tablet PCs. Give them a handy place to recharge their tablets so they never lose a minute of productivity. Even moreso, ReadyDock storage cabinets secure the tablets and ensure patient confidentiality is never compromised.

Busy medical personnel love the technology and convenience of their Tablet PCs and these electronic tablets have become an indispensable part of patient care. Help your staff have easy access to the tablets and protect your valuable investment by purchasing ReadyDock storage cabinets. These cabinets are lightweight, appropriate for the clean medical environment, and provide centralized storage and docking station for tablets that is rugged and secured by a lock.

To learn more and check pricing, visit the ReadyDock product page.

DaVinci Mobile Pro: Sketching and form filling for appraisers

In my blog I like to feature solutions that are specifically designed to take advantage of the capabilities of Tablet PCs. DaVinci Mobile Pro is built for tablet PCs. For appraisers who have been using pen and paper, DaVinci Mobile Pro allows them to incorporate electronic sketching and form filling into their daily workflow and appraisal process. By allowing appraisers to complete the majority of their paperwork in the field, it can significantly reduce the amount of time an appraiser spends entering data in the office.

DaVinci Mobile Pro allows an appraiser to perform a complete onsite inspection and sketch while reducing the chance of errors. By replacing the traditional clipboard with a tablet PC, appraisers using DaVinci Mobile Pro are able to rapidly tap through field using pre-defined QuickLists or custom lists imported from WinTotal. Since all the screens are customizable, appraisers can add or remove fields, change room features and edit lists to suit their exact needs. DaVinci and WinTotal share the same file format so migrating to DaVinci Mobile Pro is simple and easy.

Using the Bluetooth feature of your tablet PC along with a Disto laser measuring device, appraisers can import measurements directly into DaVinci Mobile Pro. Along with the sketching features built into DaVinci Mobile Pro, the Disto and a tablet PC make a total solution that saves appraisers time and money.

To learn more about Tablet PCs that work with DaVinci Mobile Pro, visit

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Panasonic Tougbook H1 Medical Tablet PC

Computers make recording, tracking, and managing information easy for all businesses and they are vital in the healthcare industry where recording, tracking, and monitoring patient information is crucial to keeping people healthy and saving lives. Medical tablet PCs are a convenient and easy to use alternative to laptop and desktop PCs in a healthcare environment. They are very portable and durable and can meet the needs of healthcare date reporting with their innovative design and specifications.

The Panasonic Toughbook H1 Medical Tablet PC is one of the leading medical tablet PCs with both tablet and touch screen functionality. It is portable and lightweight making it the ideal computer for healthcare professionals who have to carry a computer around and record information continuously. The Panasonic Toughbook H1 Medical Tablet PC only weighs 3.4 pounds and it has an 80GB hard drive making it able to store and process all the information the industry requires. It has a shock-mounted hard drive as well making it extremely durable and able to withstand the demands of the healthcare industry. The Panasonic Toughbook H1 Medical Tablet PC includes industry leading software and hardware that provides a solution for many medical applications.

The Panasonic Toughbook H1 Medical Tablet PC is designed for ease of use with a bright 10.4 inch display that offers both touch screen and tablet functionality. It has twin batteries that can be swapped to keep the tablet running in times of high demand and between charges. The Panasonic Toughbook H1 Medical Tablet PC has Intel mobile processor technology and wireless capabilities for speed and versatility.

The Panasonic Toughbook H1 Medical Tablet PC comes with Windows Vista or XP and has 1024MB of RAM which is expandable to 2048MB. It has a touch screen as well as onscreen keyboard input and integrated stylus holder. It operates for six hours on a charge and comes with hot-swappable batteries that recharge in about 7 hours. It has a finger print reader and password feature for added security. It is shock resistant for up to a three foot drop and has a sealed sanitizable case for use in healthcare settings.

For more information about the Panasonic Toughbook H1 Medical Tablet PC, visit our website at We have a unique demo program to let you borrow a unit for testing at your organization and more information can be found on our home page in the 48 hour demo section. You can also configure a Panasonic Toughbook H1 Medical Tablet PC for purchase at our Tablet PC Store.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hospital helps abused children and tablet PCs have a role

A local hospital is using the Motion C5 and Picis' ED PulseCheck in the treatment of children who have suffered abuse. Using the built-in camera on the Motion C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant, emergency room staff can take pictures of the child's injuries and attach them to the patient record. The electronic chart is then sent to the pediatric receiving facility with everything properly documented.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Motion C5/F5 - New and Improved!

Motion Computing today announced upgrades to the Motion C5 Medical Tablet PC and the Motion F5 Rugged Field Tablet PC. Both can now use Verizon Broadband internally. This is tremendous news since Verizon is by far the more popular network, at least as far as Allegiance' customers are concerned. Having the flexibility to choose either Verizon or Sprint allows you to choose the mobile broadband provider with the best coverage in your area.

In other wireless news, the units now include Intel WiFi Link 5300 a/g/draft-n communications. While most of our customer haven't installed n-routers you can expect to see more of this technology over the next several years.

The next upgrade is the hard drive which now supports a 64Gb solid state drive.

A new option for the C5/F5 is an external battery charger. IT'S ABOUT TIME! I'm surprised Motion has been able to sell so many C5s into hospital environments without a battery charger being available. Better late than never!

The Motion F5 now comes with a black exterior which is much better for dirty environments. I think it will make it more appealing to customers in field service businesses.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Motion Computing FlexCarry case

I was asked recently about the FlexCarry case from Motion Computing that is designed to fit the C5 and F5 Tablet PCs. The case comes in white (more of a "bone" if you asked my wife about the color) and includes a black shoulder strap that you can also attach.

The case doesn't add much weight or bulk to the unit and provides extra protection for the display because if the tablet were to be dropped screen down then the case would prevent it from hitting directly on the floor or whatever you dropped it on.

The case does need to be partially removed in order to access the battery which is inconvenient but I don't see how a better case could be designed for easy battery access.

Here are some pics:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Motion F5 + RFID/Bluetooth = Better Safety

Many of the techie blogs are focused on the feeds and speeds of Tablet PCs. In the real world where companies have to invest in a solution that solves a problem, a tablet like the Motion F5 rugged field tablet is a good choice for inspection and other industrial applications.

Here is a press release from a company that has combined the rugged Motion F5 tablet PC with a RFID wand reader that communicates with the tablet via Bluetooth to solve a required inspection problem.

Tracking of Safety Equipment Made Easy with Handheld RFID Readers

Construction and manufacturing companies are required by law to conduct regular inspections on safety equipment such as eyewashes, safety showers and fire extinguishes. An essential part of these inspections is the accurate identification of each location where the equipment resides, regardless of its location (regularly changing) and the environment (dirt, dust, corrosive chemicals). If the location cannot be verified, the equipment at that location cannot be passed as safe.

Tuscaloosa, AL, January 16, 2009 --( CASE Inc, an Alabama based software development company, has developed an RFID tracking solution for safety equipment incorporating handheld RFID readers from Tracient Technologies and Motion F5 tablet PC’s. The solution is designed for construction and manufacturing companies who are required by law to conduct regular inspections on safety equipment such as eyewashes, safety showers and fire extinguishes. An essential part of these inspections is the accurate identification of each location where the equipment resides, regardless of its location (regularly changing) and the environment (dirt, dust, corrosive chemicals). If the location cannot be verified, the equipment at that location cannot be passed as safe.

Manual data entry from testing is time consuming and creates an unacceptable opportunity for error, especially through operators selecting incorrect equipment records or equipment locations in the database / handheld application. So CASE Inc has developed an RFID based solution for verifying the location of safety equipment in a fast, accurate and effective way using existing off-the-shelf hardware along with custom written software.

CASE Inc CEO Thomas McKane says “We considered using Barcodes but found they were are out of the question due to degradation and cost of replacing stickers when they became worn and/or unusable. Outdoor use and use around mostly metal areas makes barcode stickers hard to place and use. RFID tags have proven to be far more versatile and don’t need ‘refreshing’ as they get dirty.”

CASE found the RFID tags also provided certainly. RFID tags are unique whereas barcodes can be duplicated, not guaranteeing true proximity verification.

CASE’s choice of hardware started with Motion F5 tablet PC’s and docking stations because of the built-in camera, WIFI, and durability in harsh conditions. However the F5’s built-in RFID readers didn’t always work around metal and the tablets would not fit into small, hard to reach areas where tags were sometimes mounted. Tracient’s hand-held Padl-R HF readers were selected to overcome these limitations, ensuring that inspections could be carried out 100% of the time. Connected to the tablet via Bluetooth, the Padl-Rs provided a quicker wand-like reading solution than the built-in tablet reader, cutting the time in half when inspecting hundreds of points per inspection.

Tracient’s readers were chosen because of their small size and competitive pricing, considerably less than comparable readers found in the United States. Their ease of use was also a big advantage - only 10 minutes of training per operator was needed to begin using the readers reliably.

Thomas McKane, CEO, CASE Inc says “The quality has been excellent and integration has been very easy. The support and sales teams from Tracient are highly professional, we are continually impressed with their response time and knowledge in the field of RFID technology. So far it has proved to be a perfect decision to use their readers.”

CASE chose RFID Tags from FerroxTag due to the low price/point and compatibility with metal in an industrial environment.

CASE’s rapid prototyping software development was used to write the inspection software. The software was loaded onto the Motion F5 tablets were it was used to match tag ID’s with the corresponding location. The tablets ran SQL 2005 Express which the CASE software used to reference the RFID tag ID's and verify the location. The tablets then sync’d with a master SQL 2005 server via WiFi or CAT5 connections.

In March 2008 a large US based manufacturing company (who wishes to remain anonymous) allowed CASE to begin testing the solution in one of their facilities. Testing started with approximately 50 RFID tags in highly critical safety areas, focusing on the more important inspections. The tags were placed in locations where inspections could be verified, i.e. pump houses, storm water drains etc. Different environments were also tested, including wood, metal and plastic. The testing revealed the read distance to the tags was fairly consistent, regardless of the environment, with the Padl-R typically reading the FerroxTags at 1-2 inches (2-4 cm). After several months of testing, CASE moved on to other facilities.

The trial proved the following benefits:

- Significantly reduced time to manage and verify inspections. The average time for an inspection was cut by 1/3rd.
- Verifiable inspections that cannot be fabricated with pencil and paper.
- A completely paperless solution, creating cost reduction by removing the expense of paper and paper storage.
- A much cleaner and safer workplace creating better working conditions for employees.

CASE Inc believes their solution will provide their customers with long term cost reduction in environmental/safety compliance due to less environmental fines and fewer safety accidents. They believe the solution is both robust and long lasting because if RFID tags change in the future, the Tracient readers follow industry standard protocols and offer compatibility with most brands and types.

Thomas McKane says “This is great as it has freed us from having to deal with proprietary hardware, which reduces costs in the long term and increases flexibility regarding the choice of tag.”

CASE Inc intend to market the solution to manufacturers, construction companies and utility providers through out the United States.