Wednesday, August 05, 2009

DaVinci Mobile Pro: Sketching and form filling for appraisers

In my blog I like to feature solutions that are specifically designed to take advantage of the capabilities of Tablet PCs. DaVinci Mobile Pro is built for tablet PCs. For appraisers who have been using pen and paper, DaVinci Mobile Pro allows them to incorporate electronic sketching and form filling into their daily workflow and appraisal process. By allowing appraisers to complete the majority of their paperwork in the field, it can significantly reduce the amount of time an appraiser spends entering data in the office.

DaVinci Mobile Pro allows an appraiser to perform a complete onsite inspection and sketch while reducing the chance of errors. By replacing the traditional clipboard with a tablet PC, appraisers using DaVinci Mobile Pro are able to rapidly tap through field using pre-defined QuickLists or custom lists imported from WinTotal. Since all the screens are customizable, appraisers can add or remove fields, change room features and edit lists to suit their exact needs. DaVinci and WinTotal share the same file format so migrating to DaVinci Mobile Pro is simple and easy.

Using the Bluetooth feature of your tablet PC along with a Disto laser measuring device, appraisers can import measurements directly into DaVinci Mobile Pro. Along with the sketching features built into DaVinci Mobile Pro, the Disto and a tablet PC make a total solution that saves appraisers time and money.

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