Tuesday, May 08, 2007

OneNote containers - get the gray out!

The idea of "containers" in OneNote was a noble one, however they can be more annoying that useful. If you are not using the containers (those areas of gray that form a box around text that you are hovering your mouse over) to rearrange items on your page then you probably just find them annoying.

To make them go away, go to Tools and then Options. While in the Display tab, change the settings for the containers as you see fit.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Passwords and hating bots

Over the last several days I've had to enter passwords for several websites and online services. Because of the jerks that create bots that do automatic signups on these sites, I am forced to decipher a scrambled password. My success rate on these is very low because they throw in false letters and numbers that are partially cut off and it is hard to tell which is capitalize and which is not.

Of course, most of them have an audio portion that reads you the passcode if you can't read it. I've used that but then today, while signing up for an account where I'd already got the "secret code" wrong twice, I pressed the audio button. AAAAAAGGGHHHHH! The audio sounds like a ticket taker making an announcment at a busy airport because automated voice decoders have figured out a way to break the system. Of course I couldn't decipher that either and didn't end up signing in for the service.

Makes me want to go to Kazahkstan and pound some hackers!