Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Allegiance Technology Delivers an In-Vehicle Solution to Your Business!

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Since 2001, Motion Computing has been a leading global provider of mobility solutions for business. Our In-Vehicle Solution was built after years of experience successfully designing rugged tablets and accessories for the field service industry.

Motion's In-Vehicle Solution includes a range of docks, mounting devices and computing accessories that meet both the safety and quality standards demanded by fleet managers of utilities, first responders, law enforcement, construction and other field service organizations.

Let's take a closer look.

Our docks are specifically designed to be fully compatible with all Motion tablets. A consistent, low-profile design between the dock and tablet allows for easy adjustment and minimizes vision obstruction.

No sharp edges & a tightly secured design ensure passenger safety.

Our docks are lightweight, rugged and shock-tested with an integrated lock that easily locks and unlocks. A secure latch allows for simple one-handed docking and undocking.

And, because we know how important connectivity is for your mobile workers -- our docks offer full port replication for maximized connectivity and an integrated cable management system to keep cables in order.

At the heart of our in-vehicle solution is a unique, patented Tilt and Rotate mount designed for dashboard-mounting. We also offer traditional floor mounting and retrofitting services. Whatever your fleet requires, we can deliver the proper mounting solution.

The dash mount design offers the ultimate in flexibility and user comfort with a wide range of adjustment angles. The tilt & rotate cartridge is machined from aircraft grade aluminium and hard anodized for maximum durability.

The standard parts and modular construction of our dash mount lower on-going re-installation costs by making it easy to share parts among different vehicles.

Motion understands that when it comes to fleet managers -- safety is key. Our in-vehicle solution provides several safety-enhancing features.
• Integrated motion sensors limit the use of computer displays while the vehicle is in motion.
• For fleet with a driver-passenger set-up, the optional Swingaway solution allows full computing access for the passenger, even when vehicle is in motion.
• And, a built-in admin tool allows the fleet manager to configure what applications are accessible by the driver.

Motion partners with experienced professional installation companies. Our installation partners use the highest quality mounting parts and ensure cables and wires are properly secured, sealed and hidden for the utmost safety and performance.

Motion understands every fleet has different workflow needs. And, we've designed a flexible, safe, performance-enhancing and durable in-vehicle solution to meet those requirements. Contact Allegiance Technology Partners today to learn more.