Thursday, September 18, 2008

Case Study: Pro-Teck Tailored Waste Solutions

Pro-Teck Tailored Waste Solutions in New Haven, Connecticut, is an established leader in the field of transportation and disposal solutions. It has an extensive transportation network throughout the Northeast region of the United States, with jobs as small as five gallon pails up to thousands of tons of soil.

When Pro-Teck’s financial administrator, Peggy Manalis, was asked to come up with a better tracking system for the company’s fleet of trucks, she turned to her IT consultant for help. And her IT consultant strongly recommended the tablet computer.

An Internet search led Manalis to Allegiance Tablet PC Experts. Once she spoke with John Hill, she knew Pro-Teck was heading in the right direction. “Not only was the price right, but John Hill was incredibly helpful and responsive – he was able to answer all of our questions and point us in the right direction.” Manalis found that the ordering experience was “fabulous, very easy. I spoke with John on the phone and he helped me with everything.”

Pro-Teck started with one tablet computer in December ’07, and now they have three. With Active Ink software, all of the company’s forms are right on the tablet. As Manalis notes, “Everything is automatic now – information can be input and e-mailed to the office immediately. This has cut down on the hours it used to take to fill out all of the forms -- it has been a tremendous time and money saver.” Pro-Teck has already recommended tablet computers and Allegiance Tablet PC Experts to several other companies. The tablet is helping to take business up to the next level.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Case Study: Cascade Women's Health

Cascade Women’s Health group’s philosophy is to provide gynecological and obstetrical care in a “user-friendly” environment. To that end, this Ohio practice services patients the “old-fashioned” way.

When you call the office, you don’t get a computer, you get a helpful person on the other end of the line. The office staff has been able to continue that almost-forgotten service by saving time in other areas, through the use of modern technology.

Cascade’s practice administrator, Nancy H., explains that the office became much more efficient three years ago, when the staff and providers began using Motion tablet computers.
Everyone especially loves the size of the tablets – they are small and lightweight, but still support all of the practice’s needs. All of the providers carry the tablets from room to room while they see their patients, and all information is entered into the tablet before each patient has walked out of the door.

The providers write their notes and prescriptions, and they even order lab work, right on the tablets. The office also has tablets at the patient check-out windows, and the providers carry the tablets with them to the hospital and to their homes.

Since Cascade began working with John Hill and Allegiance Tablet PC Experts, the office has been moving forward in its technology and efficiency, while not moving backwards in the realm of customer service. Talk with Nancy, and she’ll highly recommend the technology – and you WILL be able to talk with her, because real people answer the phone at this practice!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

TabletKiosk® Introduces the Eyesboard™

TabletKiosk® Introduces the Eyesboard™: Its New On-Screen, Virtual Keyboard

TORRANCE, CA, September 8, 2008 — TabletKiosk®, a leading manufacturer of Tablet PC and Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) computing solutions, continues to improve the slate-style Tablet PC user experience by including the Eyesboard™ on-screen virtual keyboard on all of its systems as well as offering it as a free download for existing TabletKiosk Tablet PC and UMPC owners.

The Eyesboard, created by PlazaLOGIC, is an on-screen, virtual QWERTY keyboard, that enables users to type directly on the screen with their fingers or a stylus. Sporting a realistic "3D" look, multiple language options, easy size adjustment, choice of colors, and optional settings — including opacity, "snapable" palettes, menu buttons and sound effects — the Eyesboard virtual keyboard is highly customizable to best fit each user’s unique needs.

“Given that touch screen kiosks with virtual keyboards are now commonly used in airports and retail stores, today’s Tablet PC owners are more familiar with the idea of on-screen typing,” said Martin Smekal, president of TabletKiosk. “By including the Eyesboard as a standard feature on all of our tablets, we believe that we have greatly improved the overall mobile computing experience.”

The Eyesboard virtual keyboard looks and behaves like an actual computer keyboard with its traditional QWERTY key layout, separate numeric keypad and accessible function keys. To maximize screen real estate, the Eyesboard is fully user resizable, and capable of docking or minimizing to the taskbar—so that the keyboard is always accessible even when editing a full size document. It also features adjustable opacity settings to allow whatever is below it to be completely hidden or partially visible. In addition, the Eyesboard virtual keyboard conveniently appears at the Windows Log-In screen for easy password input, but runs with restricted functionality to maintain system security.

“The inclusion of the Eyesboard virtual keyboard for on-screen typing absolutely enhances the usability of our Sahara Slate PC® and eo® Ultra-Mobile PC systems, especially for those users new to the platform,” said Martin Smekal. “The Eyesboard is the perfect complement to the slate Tablet PC form factor because it provides an extremely familiar method of entering text without adding extra components or weight.”

About TabletKiosk®

TabletKiosk is a registered trademark and wholly owned subsidiary of Sand Dune Ventures Inc., a privately held technology incubator. The company produces slate-style Tablet PCs and Ultra-Mobile PCs marketed and sold through an authorized reseller channel and directly through its website. For more information, visit

About PlazaLOGIC

PlazaLOGIC Ltd. Is a software design company that specializes in developing solutions for Tablet PCs, Ultra-Mobile PCs and touch screen computers. For more information, visit

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Motion Computing F5 now has USB/Ethernet available


While the F5 is a great rugged tablet, not having a USB port has been an issue for appraisers who want to import digital pictures, pharmaceutical companies that use Network Security Tokens for authentication and anyone else who needs a way to get info in and out of their tablet without a docking station.

Motion recently announced a solution and here is the text of the press release:

Motion Announces New Offerings for its Most Rugged Tablet PCs

Smart card reader and EasyConnect USB/Ethernet module improve the usability and enhance security options for the F5 Mobile Field Tool and C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant

AUSTIN, TX – September 3, 2008 - Motion Computing®, a leader in mobile computing and wireless communications, today announced the availability of two new options that improve the usability and security of the F5 Tablet PC and C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA). The new smart card reader enables companies to improve the security of critical data by enhancing authentication processes. Additionally, the EasyConnect USB/Ethernet module allows for easy connection to other devices or local area networks (LAN), without sacrificing the durability and protection offered by the fully sealed, protective design of the rugged tablet PCs.

The optional, integrated smart card reader, manufactured by ITG OMNIKEY® supports both Windows® XP and Vista® operating systems and features an ExpressCard™ interface, a transmission speed of 12 Mbps, and the highest reading performance rate on the market today. Additionally, the EasyConnect USB/Ethernet module is lightweight, easily connects to the devices’ docking connector, and features one 2.0 USB port and one 10/100 Ethernet port.
In addition to the new technology options, Motion® is announcing the new F5 Display Protection Plan (DPP). Now, in addition to the F5’s industry-leading, three-year, field-ready warranty that covers damage from short drops (approx. 30 inches) and ordinary course exposure to rain and dust, customers can now purchase the DPP additional coverage which allows them to have eligible damaged displays replaced at no charge, including shipping.

“These additions will help our customers continue to improve productivity by equipping mobile workers with tablet PCs that enable them to work no matter where work takes them, whether it be the patient bedside or a construction site,” said David Altounian, President and COO of Motion. “Motion continues to develop solutions that improve mobility and complement, not compromise, the rugged design that is critical to professionals that work in harsh or highly mobile environments.”

A variety of features make both the C5 and F5 rugged devices able to withstand the harsh environments often associated with highly mobile workforces.

· A lightweight, magnesium alloy internal frame that delivers structural rigidity

· A rubber Elastomer overmold that adds protection against bumps and drops

· Chemical-resistant resin that is easy to clean/disinfect

· A sealed design to help protect from harsh environmental conditions such as exposure to dust and moisture

· Optional Solid State Drive (SSD) for extreme shock and vibration protection

· Shock-mounted display and hard disk drive (HDD) with DataGuard™, an accelerometer that protects data during drops or other events that could damage the hard drive

· A Motion exclusive thermal management system that protects from data loss

Motion is also announcing the Carry Sleeve, a full-cover case designed specifically for the C5 and F5 that provides a shoulder strap, hand strap and easel for an easy hands-free work environment. The Carry Sleeve is the latest addition to Motion’s in-the-field productivity peripherals that expand options to more easily transport, charge and utilize the C5 and F5 while away from the office or standard docking station. Also available are the:

· Motion Mobile Dock. Offers the convenience of docking in almost any location, such as a vehicle, wall or cabinet, and features full port replication and charging capabilities

· Motion Flex Carry. An attachable, ergonomic solution that provides alternate methods for carrying the devices throughout the workday – it includes shoulder and hand straps and easily fits into the standard docking station for uninterrupted workflows· ReadyDock. A multi-tablet storage and charging station from ATS for optimal space management and workflow improvement.

The F5, the latest tablet PC from Motion, is a rugged, highly mobile PC that provides electronic clipboard functionality and is the ideal productivity tool for field workers who compute and enter data while standing or walking. Its lightweight, rugged design and integrated features provide onsite, real-time productivity in the harshest environments. Mobile professionals across construction, field sales and service, government and insurance are using the F5 because it provides all of the durability and functionality of a rugged PC without the extra weight and price associated with traditional, fully rugged devices.

“The F5 is the ideal tool for our water conservation teams that spend the majority of their time away from the office and are often required to work outside in unpredictable weather environments,” said Ted Calloway, Technology Analyst for Denver Water. “The rugged, fully sealed exterior ensures that the tablet PCs will remain protected despite changing environmental conditions and the lightweight, highly mobile design with convenient tablet input helps our mobile employees be more productive while in the field.”

The C5, the industry’s first MCA developed in collaboration with Intel®, is a hospital-grade device that is proven in healthcare environments. Its rugged, disinfectable design and integrated features provide improved productivity while supporting the five rights of patient care – the right patient, right time, right medication, right dosage and right route. In a series of clinician usability studies conducted with leading healthcare organizations, the C5 has proven to improve point of care documentation, enhance clinician satisfaction, reduce transcription error rates, increase clinician productivity and improve clinical documentation accuracy.

The smart card reader and the EasyConnect USB/Ethernet module are available now, and the Carry Sleeve will begin shipping in October.