Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Get $1000 off a new rugged Motion F5 Tablet PC

Allegiance Technology and Motion Computing are sponsoring a webinar so that you can learn about the new Motion F5 Field Service Tablet PC. The webinar, which lasted about 45 minutes, will show you how this tablet is a great value as relates to both ruggedness and price. If you decided to purchase an F5 within 30 days, you'll be able to deduct $1,000 from the list price!

The Motion F5 Mobile Field Tool is the first semi-rugged slate PC designed specifically for the mobile field worker that combines durability, mobility and integrated functionality with the benefits and convenience of tablet input. See our Motion F5 Brochure.

  • Thin and light, about 3 lbs

  • Semi-rugged, field-ready design with convenient, built-in handle

  • Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth® wireless connectivity and optional wireless broadband

  • Natural pen/speech input

  • Integrated digital camera, RFID reader and optional barcode scanner

  • View Anywhere® display for optimal outdoor viewing

  • 3-year field-ready warranty protection

Durability Matters

The semi-rugged Motion F5 is designed and tested to fit real-world, field-ready conditions such as bumps, drops or exposure to wind, heat and rain. Built with high quality materials and an internal framing system, the F5 has been optimized to handle challenging work scenarios in the field. The DataGuard™ accelerometer, shock-mounted hard drive and optional SSD drive minimize data loss so when the occasional drop or bump happens, it won’t be the end of your work day. Motion has included a 3-year field-ready warranty that protects against incidents that can occur in the field.

You can sign up for the webinar here.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Logical Ink Tablet PC based EMR software

Electronic Charting Solutions for Healthcare

"Whether you are moving away from paper or looking for a better way to input documents into your EMR, Logical Ink can help. Our unique interface combines an intuitive pen/paper interface of digital ink with the mobility and power of tablet PC. You can easily eliminate scanning and duplicate data entry and extend your EMR to the patient and mobile clinicians. We provide the flexibility, intuitiveness and speed of pen and paper without its limitations. From solutions as simple as electronic signature capture to full point of care documents, we’ve got you covered."

Learn more about Logical Ink

(This post is part of a new, ongoing series designed to highlight software companies that are focusing on tablet PC based solutions).

Thursday, April 17, 2008

One million year old Tablet PC found in Antarctic!

Okay, okay, so this tablet isn't really from the Cenozoic Era. It's the Roper Mobile Duros Tablet PC. We've been selling tablet PCs for a while and have never done much with truly rugged tablets because they were slower, bulkier and more expensive. Well, they are still more expensive but if you are working in an environment where dust and weather are a constant problem or vibration is causing frequent failures, a rugged tablet PC like this one could be just the thing.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bye, bye, Miss Vista Pie

Well, a true rumor has been making the rounds - Microsoft is no longer going to allow PC makers (including tablet manufacturers) to ship units with Window XP after June 30th. In case you didn't know, June 30th is the end of Microsoft's fiscal year and it is normal for them to end-of-life and product or license program around this time in order to "encourage" customers to upgrade.

So what does this mean for tablet PC owners? Not much unless your software doesn't play well with Vista. Anyway, PC makers will be offering a downgrade path but you'll have to go through the process of converting to XP from Vista yourself using recovery disks.

Get ready!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bravo Fujitsu!

Back in the day (about two years ago), PC makers always included backup and restore CDs for the operating system and any preloaded software. Now, almost all manufacturers, including Motion, Dell and Lenovo don't include anything. You must purchase CDs as an aftermarket product or create your own when you first get the computer. When you first get a shiny new tablet, creating backup CDs is the last thing you want to do.

Fujitsu, however, includes the CDs (or DVDs for Windows Vista) and even includes the XP disks if you want to downgrade.

I don't know of any other tablet companies that include the disks. Let me know if anyone else deserves kudos.

Motion releases new lower pricing for LE1700 Tablet PC

We just recieved notification that Motion Computing has released new, lower pricing across the board on their LE1700 series Tablet PCs. I think this will allow Motion to capture an even greater share of the slate tablet PC market by bringing prices more in line with convertible tablets. Also, it allows Motion Computing to sell slate tablets into a wider market because customers who were priced out of the tablet PC space can now afford one.

Just one example of the price drop is for their high Core 2 Duo, 2Gb RAM, 80Gb hard drive, View Anywhere screen tablet. Yesterday, the price was $2,605 (good price) and today it is $2,265 (great price).

To see all the new pricing (any maybe buy yourself one), visit our Motion LE1700 page.