Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Product Feature: ReadyDock for Motion C5 and F5

The ReadyDock-C5M is optimized to house your Motion C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant tablet PC. It is the best way to organize, store and charge your tablets while making the most efficient use of space. ReadyDock can eliminate the clutter of wires and has no messy power set up. ReadyDock also locks securely to protect your valuable electronic devices.

The ReadyDock has custom power contacts that are compatible with your Motion C5 Tablet PC. Just slide your tablet firmly into an available slot until you hear a “click.” Lock the cabinet and walk away confidently knowing your electronic device is secure. You’ll know when the tablet has finished charging when the light has changed from yellow or orange to green. Unlock the door and press the easy-to-release lever. Your tablet is fully charged and ready for your next assignment.

Choose from a variety of configurations depending on your needs. The ReadyDock storage cabinet can be configured to house 5, 10 or 20 Motion C5 Tablet PCs. A single unit model holds five tablets and is 12 5/8” W x 11.5” H x 13.25” D. Stack one unit on top of the other, place them side by side, or stack four in a cube. The ReadyDock storage cabinet can even be wall-mounted for out-of-the-way storage, or to save you much-needed countertop or desk space.

ReadyDock storage cabinets are lightweight at just 15.6 pounds (without tablets inside). They are aesthetically pleasing in white powder coated metal and are designed especially for medical environments because they are easy to wipe clean and disinfect.

Today, many physicians, physician assistants, nurses and busy health professionals use Tablet PCs or Motion C5 Tablet PCs. Give them a handy place to recharge their tablets so they never lose a minute of productivity. Even moreso, ReadyDock storage cabinets secure the tablets and ensure patient confidentiality is never compromised.

Busy medical personnel love the technology and convenience of their Tablet PCs and these electronic tablets have become an indispensable part of patient care. Help your staff have easy access to the tablets and protect your valuable investment by purchasing ReadyDock storage cabinets. These cabinets are lightweight, appropriate for the clean medical environment, and provide centralized storage and docking station for tablets that is rugged and secured by a lock.

To learn more and check pricing, visit the ReadyDock product page.

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