Monday, December 07, 2009

Want to demo or rent a Tablet PC?

For almost five years, Allegiance has been the only company that allows customers to try a Tablet PC before they make a purchase. With choices of a 48 hour demo (you pay only shipping) or a two week or month long rental, your organization can make sure that a particular Tablet PC is the right fit before you buy.

The models that we currently offer are the:

Sahara i440D Pen/Touch Slate Tablet PC
Motion Computing F5 Rugged Field Tablet PC
Motion Computing C5 Medical Tablet PC
Motion J3400 Rugged Field Tablet PC
Lenovo X200 Convertible Tablet PC
Fujitsu ST6012 Slate Tablet PC

Along with the tablet, you can demo/rent a docking station, mobile dock and convertible keyboard if it is available for the model you choose.

Since we let you load all your own software on the tablet, you can test the units in your own environment just as you would use them for your daily work.

If you want to learn more about the program, visit out 48 hour demo/rental web page.

Or you can call us at 215-441-5580 x1.

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Cliff Allen said...

This is a great service since there are so few ways for people to experience Tablet PCs.

I needed to move to a tablet to reduce the amount of keyboard time every day, but it was difficult to choose a brand without actually using one.

Since I use a Motion slate, people at meetings and conferences ask me for a demo of my tablet. I'll now suggest they "check out" a tablet from you next.

Anonymous said...

I congratulate, an excellent idea

Sopie said...

I want to own one instead... But I never heard of such a thing before, and I didn't think there's online services that lets you rent a tablet pc. Brilliant solution!

Megan said...

I want to own one instead. anyone can afford the gadget, there are plenty of good online stores that offer payment options for that matter.