Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Motion C5/F5 - New and Improved!

Motion Computing today announced upgrades to the Motion C5 Medical Tablet PC and the Motion F5 Rugged Field Tablet PC. Both can now use Verizon Broadband internally. This is tremendous news since Verizon is by far the more popular network, at least as far as Allegiance' customers are concerned. Having the flexibility to choose either Verizon or Sprint allows you to choose the mobile broadband provider with the best coverage in your area.

In other wireless news, the units now include Intel WiFi Link 5300 a/g/draft-n communications. While most of our customer haven't installed n-routers you can expect to see more of this technology over the next several years.

The next upgrade is the hard drive which now supports a 64Gb solid state drive.

A new option for the C5/F5 is an external battery charger. IT'S ABOUT TIME! I'm surprised Motion has been able to sell so many C5s into hospital environments without a battery charger being available. Better late than never!

The Motion F5 now comes with a black exterior which is much better for dirty environments. I think it will make it more appealing to customers in field service businesses.

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