Monday, August 09, 2010

The PANTS Show

Last week I visited a partner of ours, Advanced Grower Solutions, at the PANTS Show. No, it's not a tradeshow for what it sounds like. Instead, the PANTS show is the Penn Atlantic Nursery Trade Show. It was a really nice venue because everyone was exhibiting perennials, annuals, trees, bushes and knick-knacks for your garden and landscape.

For Tablet PC Users, Advanced Grower Solutions (AGS) owner Rick Goff, was showing off his back office nursery software that includes a powerful module for inventory management. If you are a nursery owner, being able to provide up-to-date inventory to your customers is key to selling flowers and trees for the best price at the peak of value. With paper and pen this process used to take 2-3 days. With a Motion F5v Tablet PC, inventory takers can walk through greenhouses and outdoors in the rain, pointing and clicking and writing comments, and complete the job in one day.

A PDA is too small and a laptop can't be used like a pad of paper. Once again, the tablet PC is the best tool for people who really need to do their job while walking around.

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