Monday, July 12, 2010

Magnetic Stripe Reader for Motion F5v and C5v

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The nice folks at Man & Machine are sending me a demo unit of their Magnetic Stripe Reader for the Motion C5, F5, C5v or F5v Tablet PCs. I'm aware that these are in use at Verizon stores nationwide. Verizon purchased 5,000 Motion tablets with the MSR attachment for providing Point of Sale service to customers that walk into stores. This is a nice service because if you just need an accessory or some information, you don't want to have to wait in line for a half hour at the cash register. The sales associate can just write your info on the tablet, swipe your credit card, email a receipt and you can be on your way. Much simpler!

These MSRs can also be used in other retail settings but also would be perfect for taking orders at tradeshows. Also, they would be great for plumbers, electricians, etc. who want to collect money right at the customer's house instead of billing them later. There is nothing more satisfying than getting paid right away for your hard work!

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