Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fujitsu Inventory Clearance Sale!

July 28-29 Fujitsu is offering $500 off on select systems including the LIFEBOOK T5010 Tablet PC and the LIFEBOOK T2020 Tablet PC.

LIFEBOOK T5010 Tablet PC

The comfort and ease of a traditional notbook combined with the versatility of a tablet, the LIFEBOOK T5010 Tablet PC features a brilliant 13.3-inch widescreen display, built in modular bay, and integrated wireless access.

Purchase any of the three T5010 Tablet PCs and recieve:
FREE Convertible Bump Case ($99 value)
FREE Shipping
$500 of select T5010 Tablet PCs ( use coupon code FASALE500 at cheout to redeem discount)

LIFEBOOK T2020 Tablet PC

Wighing a mere 3.5 pounds yet boasting a 12.1-inch display, the ultra-thin, ultra-light Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T2020 Tablet PC is an ideal notebook and tablet PC for those on the go. It quickly converts from notebook to tablet by simply twisting the display, and delivers all-day computing with its high-capacity battery.

Purchase the T2020 Tablet PC and receive the following special offers:
FREE External USB DVD/CD-RW combo drive ($149 value)
FREE Shipping
$500 off, use coupon code FASALE500 at checkout to redeem discount

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TAMMY said...

I have a question, and I don't know if this is the forum to ask but I am a mom trying to choose between the Fujitsu t4410 and the t5010. I am completely illiterate on the subject, and you seem to be the guy that is most informed. Can you give me any insight

John Hill said...

Tammy, the T4410 is a convertible Tablet PC (the keyboard is attached but swivels around and underneath the display) and the T5010 is a slate (no keyboard attached). Both are older models and no longer in production. The T730 or T900 have replace the T4410. Fujitsu is no longer making a slate.