Friday, June 06, 2008

FiatLux Visualize™ software previewed on the Motion Computing C5 at SIIM 2008 Annual Meeting

Another great software company developing an application perfect for the tablet PC!

FiatLux Imaging Brings Medical Imaging to Tablet PCs

SEATTLE—May 22, 2008—FiatLux Imaging, Inc., features it’s advanced medical imaging software, FiatLux Visualize, with Motion Computing’s C5 enabling physician bedside discussions with their patients and family regarding the results of their CT/MRI scans and illustrating to patients possible treatment options and plans. FiatLux Visualize, currently under development, is scheduled for release in Summer 2008 promising physicians greater power and access. “Our goal is to provide powerful, intuitive, and affordable advanced medical imaging that's accessible anywhere. Our ability to run on very portable devices like the C5 in addition to the standard desktop/laptop further advances that capability.” said Dr. Brynn Karch, chief medical officer.

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