Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Motion Releases New J3500

Allegiance Technology is thrilled to announce the release of Motion Computing's new J3500 Tablet PC. More powerful and rugged then its predecessor, the J3400, this new tablet computer will prove to be a great mobile solution for any company.

After a successful run with the J3400, Motion Computing decided it needed to up the ante with its new model. Increasing the size of the J3500's hard drive and adding the new Intel Core i5 or i7 vPro processors are sure to add a significant improvement to its performance. "… a 39% improvement on performance" according to Mike Stinson, Vice President of Marketing for Motion Computing. Motion not only increased the size of its hard drive, but also doubled the size of its optional SSD from a 64GB to a 128 GB SSD for extreme shock and vibration protection.

If the vast improvement in performance wasn't enough, Motion went ahead and upgraded the J3500's camera to 3.0 mega pixels with an increased focus rate for seamless, in-the-field documentation.

The J3500 also improved its rugged durability by offering a Gorilla Glass View Anywhere display which provides 4x the breakage resistance. Boasting an IP-52 rating and an MIL-810g drop test standard proves the J3500 will be able to handle any in-field bumps and bruises that may come along. The ratings also mean the J3500 can handle the elements whether it's a rainy day or a dusty job site, check it out by taking advantage of Allegience' demo program or looking at the videos below!!

Motion Environmental Testing-Dust
Motion Environmental Testing-Water
Motion Environmental Testing- Drop Test
Gorilla Glass Stress Tests

Available with dual touch technology, the J3500 allows mobile workers to take advantage of the natural gesture navigation features built in Windows® 7 and other software applications. Optimized for digitizer pen and touch input, users can navigate both touch-enabled software applications or legacy programs with smaller targets that require the accuracy of pen input.This display also comes with palm rejection so your hand won't get in the way while using the tablets pen.

Finally, Motion has upgraded its mobile broadband to the new Gobi 2000 which makes the J3500 a perfect fit for business on the move. David Altounian, President and CEO of Motion Computing, boasts, "It is a mobile computing device with the capabilities our customers are demanding - a powerful processor with a compact rugged design that supports users who must be productive whether in the field or in the office."

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