Friday, July 15, 2011

Motion J3500 Tablet PC now available with Core i3 processor

Motion Computing recently announced that their popular J3500 Tablet PC is now available with a Core i3 processor. Many businesses that want to use tablets don't need the power and associated expense of a high end unit. For EMR, filling out forms and email/web use, a Core i3 processor is enough power to do all their work.

Starting at just $1,799, you can purchase a semi-rugged, full function Tablet PC. The base unit include the Indoor Dual Touch display, 2Gb RAM, a 30Gb SSD, wireless, the Mobile Keyboard and a one year field-ready warranty. This is a very sweet deal for a doctor's office or service business that wants to deploy tablets while managing the cost of the initial investment.

To see all the different Core i3 models available, visit our Tablet Store.

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