Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tablet PC + True Love = Smooches

I received this follow up email from a customer who purchased a Fujitsu P1610 for his wife:

I'm weak. It arrived today, and I couldn't wait. She has it now and
she loves it. How can you tell your gadget loving mate that her
cutting edge piece of equipment got here a month and a half ago? When
she can use it now? I couldn't. Dec 25th be damned, she is rocking
with it right now, voice training and everything.

Thanks for your help. We'll definitely be keeping tabs on your tablet
site. Thanks for the note back about the site, and thanks for getting
the tablet here in a very timely way!


ps- I did manage a surprise by putting it in an old handbag/purse. It
is so small that I got it in there and she wondered why I was 'hassling' her
to clean out her old purse! Purse sized computing? The look on her face
was priceless (although it quickly devolved to smooches)! Thanks again!


May your own holidays be filled with suprises and smooches ;-)

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