Thursday, December 21, 2006

Who uses tablet PCs?

One of my pet peeves is the comment that tablets are a "niche" product. Luckily we have a wide array of fantastic customers who give me the opportunity to see how many different niches are out there. Here are some recent examples:

Dr. Don Nuzzio will be taking his tablet 2.5 miles down into the ocean to study how sea life is rejuvenating after many large underwater volcalnic eruptions. He had to get his tablet "sniffed" first to make sure it wouldn't emit any gases - a dangerous situation in a six foot wide submersible at the depth.

The folks at CORE (Center for Organ Recovery & Education) who will use their unit to monitor available organs for transplant.

A Canadian cattle broker who is using his tablet along with a form we designed (using Active Ink software) to track 6,000 cattle being shipped from Philadelphia to Saudi Arabia. He writes down the ear tag number, date of birth and date of pregnancy for each one so they can easily keep track of all the animals.

A French writer who evaluates and reports on thoroughbred racing horses.

A home builder and remodeler from Michigan who never owned a tablet PC bought two because he realized that his field supervisor would be able to better share information with him if he had one too.

Lower Providence township will implement one tablet this year and three more in January for the Fire Marshal and code enforcement officers. Accessories like a digital camera that attaches to the unit let them immediately take pictures of violations.

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