Monday, July 30, 2007

Peace of mind - CHEAP

You don't have a last will and testament, you're not exercising regularly, at least BACKUP YOUR TABLET REGULARLY!

In the past, there hasn't been a very easy way to do so and have quick access to your data. Today, I got a catalog from one of the PC product catalogs. Prominently featured were several USB flash drives. You can get up to 8Gb storage for $170 or less. You can get a 16Gb device for less than a $100 more. What could be easier? Once a week at lunchtime, set your My Documents folder to copy its contents to your keychain flash drive and 'ba da bing', you're done.

Of course, this doesn't contain all your program files, but WHO CARES?, the majority of what you need is backed up and probably more current than what you are doing now - which for most people is nothing. It is cheap, easy, and the peace of mind is - PRICELESS.

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Loz said...

I have been lucky enough not to have ever lost any data, but I am taking a risk.

Saving My Documents should be the minimum back up strategy, indeed.

Are you aware of any article that describes a more comprehensive plan? one that includes other 'assets' such as fonts and files stored outside My Documents.

This would also be useful for bi annual formatting of one's drive.