Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why doesn't free office software catch on?

With IBM's release of Symphony as a free software package for documents, spreadsheets and presentations, I began to wonder why more people don't choose one of the free options.

There are several free and low cost options available, so why do people pay big bucks for Microsoft Office? Simply, it's simple. There are so many other things to worry about in the workplace, why create potential training issues by implementing something new?

The other reason is the concern that customers won't be able to read documents created in these free software programs. If your business can't communicate with your customers and vendors, getting the software for free isn't going to make you feel better.

And besides, nobody every got fired for buying IBM (or Microsoft). :-)


Dave said...

Right on, John!

Lotus 123 spreadsheet dropped the ball in the 1980's and the rest was history--for Microsoft. When IBM bought Lotus Notes, they didn't really put a lot of resources behind it or into improving it. They just wanted an alternative to Microsoft. Now they are doing the same to Symphony. Anyone who commits to such software is jumping onto a horse that don't run. Maybe IBM will sell that to China, too.

Berander said...

Off topic but here it goes:

I found you had cleaned a Tecra M4 ( by removing the protector screen. When I try doing the same I find my screen is taped on and won't "pop" of... Do you think it's safe to remove the protector screen anyway?

Thanx // Johan Berander (mylastname att hotmail smallpoint com)

John Hill said...


The screen protector we use is a WriteShield which does not have any adhesive - it is held on by "static cling". If yours is different it may have an adhesive that makes removing it more difficult. Also, do you know that it has a screen protector? Toshiba tablets were susceptible to having dust under the actual screen and that could be the problem.,lcd