Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One Step Estimating software for painters

This software is designed for painters to do estimates while walking around the house and utilizes a tablet PC to tap through choices. Of course, the prospective customer can easily sign off on the estimate and get the project started.

It looks like a pretty basic program and utilizes Excel and Word rather than software specifically designed for inkable electronic forms. You can view their online demo and get a feel for it yourself.
I am seeing an ever increasing number of ISVs (independent software vendors) who are writing software specifically designed to take advantage of the capabilities of a tablet PC.
Do you use custom software for your mobile work? Let me know about it and we'll feature it (and you) on this blog.

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Jamie said...

Great! Estimating software is commonly used in the construction industry by architects. In a way, they are in a common category. Although painters do projects in smaller scales, it would still be a great help in the task of estimating cost – delivering immediate and long term results. This is also used by interior decorators, if I’m not mistaken.

- Jamie Shellman