Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Clinical Ink automates clinical trials using tablet PCs

(Another in our ongoing series of software programs designed specifically for the tablet PC)

eSource Solutions for Clinical Trials

Clinical Ink offers customized electronic source documents running on tablet PCs—finally, a true eSource solution. Capturing source data on paper is costly and error-prone, but it remains prevalent because of familiarity and a lack of viable alternatives. Clinical Ink™ maintains the workflow and mobility of paper while allowing fast, secure transmission of source data.

Clinical Ink™ offers an eSource solution for clinical trials that provides cleaner data more quickly — saving money by reducing your time to market. Clinical Ink's solution runs on tablet PCs, allowing validated source data to be entered on customized eSource documents that retain the look and feel of paper forms. The data and forms can then be managed, viewed and stored via Clinical Ink's secure web portal.

Clinical Ink's interface is designed with the benefits of pen and paper in mind. Unlike traditional electronic data capture (EDC) systems, Clinical Ink allows you to record comments and explanations, as well as capture the data required by the protocol — all while moving freely from room to room, regardless of connectivity. Clinical Ink provides this ease of use while eliminating the problems with paper source and case report forms.

Source data is validated at the point of capture and seamlessly transmitted (using CDISC standards) to the chosen backend data system. Since there is only one data set, monitors don't need to perform source data verification. Remote viewing of source documents allows monitors to resolve queries from their home office, dramatically reducing monitoring costs. Getting cleaner data more quickly with Clinical Ink results in significant savings.

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