Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Motion Fingerprint Reader tips (this works for other tablets, too)

Following the instructions, you get two fingers registered, each with three swipes. This doesn’t allow for good recognition and leads directly to “frustrated user syndrome”. By taking some extra time and programming additional impressions of your finger, you should get 98% first swipe accuracy.

Here are the steps (after you have “enrolled” the first finger):

Open up the OmniPass software to the main menu (says Add/Remove User).

Choose the User Settings tab

From the User Settings menu on the left, choose Enrollment

From the Enrollment main menu, choose Enroll Authentication Device.
You will have to swipe your finger or enter your password to continue. Next, you should see a picture of two hands. If a finger already has a green check above it, then it has already been enrolled. Click on a finger which has NOT yet been enrolled. A red arrow will point to the finger. Click Next.

IMPORTANT: Swipe the SAME FINGER that you originally enrolled. Why? Well, after we repeat these steps for 8 fingers, you will have 24 impressions of your swiping finger, instead of just three. You can use the other two fingers to create 6 impressions of another digit (in case you cut one off chopping onions or something).

When you are creating the additional impressions, swipe your finger at various angles. This gives additional options for the Omnipass software when it is recognizing your fingerprint.

Have fun and good swiping!


Cameron said...

I have found that swiping the finger starting closer to the screen, then swiping away from the tablet, gets a much better result. If you watch the animation in OmniPass it shows the finger swiping towards the screen. Doing the exact opposite has given me much better success.

John Hill said...

Also, if you just washed your hands, there is no oil on your fingers. I just wipe the side of my nose (ewwwww!) and then it works fine.