Tuesday, November 07, 2006

November 7th Tip of the Day

If, like me, you do a fair amount of purchasing or downloading online you know that at the end of the transaction you are prompted to "print this receipt for your records". Now I'm sure that you have enough paper floating around your office. Heck, that is why you bought a tablet PC. Just because YOU aren't creating paper and killing trees, however, doesn't mean other people aren't encouraging you to do so.

Enter the versatile Microsoft OneNote. When you get to the screen that instructs you to "print this receipt", go ahead and do just that. Instead of printing it to your laser printer, however, choose "Send to OneNote 2003" from the printers menu. This will cause the page to be printed exactly as it would to the printer, except it will go to the 'SENT FILES' section of your OneNote notebook. Now you can file it by moving the page to another section or just leave it their (since you'll probably never need it anyway and are just succumbing to the pressure of feeling like you MIGHT need it one day during an audit).

If you want to make it easier to search for later, add some information to the Title Bar section and it will be easier to find later.

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Anonymous said...


When I go to print; the screen where I choose my printer does not have a selection for "send to Onenote 2003".

Where do I set that up?



John Hill said...

Check the Help menu in OneNote. Are you running OneNote SP2? I'm not sure this is the answer, but let me know.

Anonymous said...


I checked OneNote help section but didn't find anything that seemed to fit.

I searched Microsoft web site and found:
"OneNote 2003 SP1 Add-in: Send to OneNote from Internet Explorer PowerToy "

My version is OnenOte 2003 SP2. Is it okay to add-in the above (SP1)powertoy?