Friday, March 28, 2008

Motion release software updates for LE1700 & C5

Motion Computing has released the following software updates to the Motion Support Driver Download web page.

Products: Motion LE1700 Tablet PC and Motion C5


1) Motion LE1700 BIOS A13 (LE1700 only)

• Improved WWAN card detection.
• Approved WWAN cards are now automatically enabled by default.
• Added PXE Boot (network-based boot) function supporting additional LAN chips.

> Get Motion LE1700 BIOS A13

2) Motion Dashboard Version (LE1700 and C5)

•Dashboard Configuration application allows access to advanced features, which previously required Windows Registry modification.
•Critical Dashboard (Battery Low, etc.) alerts are now centered on the screen and are always on top of any open windows, which replaced the system tray balloons that could be obscured by third party applications.
•Added a manual start button for Battery Conditioning, when the dialog box appears.
•Dock Detection Override is now supported.
•Fixed compatibility issues with multilingual OS.
•Resolved compatibility issues with Cisco VPN clients and Wi-Fi button functions.
•Enhanced the Multi-Display behavior.

> Get Motion Dashboard

For all Motion product software drivers click here.

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