Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One of our partners, Vela Systems, recently completed a Case Study that discussess how one of their clients, William A. Berry & Son, is using their Safety Module and Tablet PCs.

They are using the Motion Computing LE1700 Core 2 Duo Tablet PC. Here are selections from the writeup:

“We can see the screen clearly whether we’re outside in full sun or inside a building,” said Michael Willett, project director for the Brigham and Women’s Hospital new cardiovascular center in downtown Boston. “And because we can write directly on the screen with a special pen, it feels a lot like using pencil and paper, which makes it easy to learn.”

“The field staff loves Vela because it’s so easy to use. We go to the area, take care of the inspection, make notes right on the Tablet and, if we’re interrupted, as frequently happens, we can pull the information right back up."

If you are in the Commercial Construction industry and want to learn more about Vela Systems software, you can visit the Construction section of our website. You can download the entire Case Study here.

Here is a short video showing how another Vela customer is using the tablet while converting a jail to a hotel in Boston:

More from Josh Kanner at Vela Systems:

Great post, John. You may also want to link to the youtube movies about safety (new), here

Also, folks can sign up to view the safety webinar. It was recorded and is available online.

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