Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yes, Virgina, we do rent tablet PCs

While you may know about our 48 hour demo program, you may not know that Allegiance Technology also rents Tablet PCs. More and more customers have been asking us for the opportunity to keep a tablet pc for longer periods so they can test software and demonstrate it to others in their company. So for about six months, we’ve been allowing people to extend the tablet pc demo to 2 or 4 weeks.

If you want to rent a tablet PC from us, the rules are the same as the 48 hour demo program. You are responsible for the shipping costs both ways and must sign our lease agreement. We will send you the tablet PC via FedEx 2-day along with a return shipping tag.

As of March 1st, 2008, the cost for a two week tablet pc rental is $160 and a four week tablet pc rental is $320. We have the following tablet PCs available:

  • Sahara i440D by TabletKiosk Pen/Touch Slate Tablet PC

  • Motion LE1700 Slate Tablet PC

  • Motion C5 Medical Tablet PC

  • Fujitsu U810 UltraMobile PC

  • Fujitsu ST5112 Slate Tablet PC

  • Fujitsu T2010 Convertible Tablet PC

  • Fujitsu Convertible Notebook Tablet PC P1610

  • Tablet Kiosk UltraMobile PC eo 7110

  • Amtek T770 UltraMobile PC

  • IBM/Lenovo X61 Tablet PC

  • All the tablet PCs we offer in our rental program have outdoor screens if it is available. For the Motion C5 we also include a docking station. If you need a USB DVD for loading software, please let us know and we can include that. You can load any software onto the tablet PC for testing purposes.

    We can rent you a tablet PC anywhere in the U.S. To get more information about the program, call our office at 877-772-5587 x1. You can find information about our 48 hour demo program here.

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