Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Voice Recognition: A True Hit or Total Bull&%$@

Well I have had a copy of Dragon naturally speaking preferred version 8 sitting in my office for some time. I decided to load it on my a tablet PC to see how well it would work. I'm having to do a lot of correction by I know that the more I trained the software the better and will recognize my voice. As you can see this dictation is far from perfect. I will continue to use the tool and see how much improvement there will be over one months time.

Many of my customers are using Dragon naturally speaking voice recognition with a lot of success. It's true that the more you use it the better it works for you so I'm going to stick with my commitment.

Do you use voice recognition? If so, let me know how the results have been for you.


Anonymous said...

Use Release 9.0, and keep the mike on the side of your mouth and be consistent. I get at least 97% and better recognition. Hang in there John.

Technology tools for learning, work, and leisure said...

I agree that you should use version 9 preferred or professional (and download any updates for it), plus a noise-canceling microphone (cost $50-70 bucks), use a softer voice(louder voices actually produce less accurate recognition)and, if you have a laptop or desktop without a separate sound card, use a USB "sound pod." Many individuals have found accuracy is very high (95% or better), but you may want to find some user groups to get pointers if you struggle with your accuracy. It's well worth it!